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Cut Selected Files Create or CD into Folder and paste them



Hay guys,

  1. I want to cut all selected files
  2. Then a dialog comes up where i type a name for a folder
  3. If the folder exists CD into it
  4. If it does not exist create it and do step 3
  5. Paste the copied files

why does this code not work?:

Clipboard CUT
@set dirname={dlgstring} 
CREATEFOLDER "{s}{$dirname}"
Clipboard PASTE

I have a partial solution:
Cut HERE CREATEFOLDER="{dlgstring|Folder:}"
This will do everything i want, except it copies and not cuts...


Copy MOVE TO=ask will prompt for a folder and then move all selected files to where you specify. You can create new folders within the prompt dialog.


thanks so much.

The final solution for me however is this: Copy MOVE HERE CREATEFOLDER="{dlgstring|Folder:}"

Since Browse Dialogs are taking to much time :smiley:


You can simplify it slightly if you just want to type the folder name/path:


That will prompt automatically in a similar way.


Dopus is so easy and yet so powerful. I love it!