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D.O. crash - please reproduce

I'm running Directory Opus on x64 on Win 7 x64.

Install, navigate to ratdvd folder -> Directory Opus crashes (factory/default D.O. setup!!). (you should be able to reproduce this)
I pinpointed the problem to the ratdvd.exe file. When renaming to bla.txt e.g. D.O. does NOT crash.

I also have a D.O. config setup where navigating to a specific JPG file crashes the program. I'll try to find out what setting this exactly is and tell you and give you JPG file (it's not explicit material at all, so should be OK, no nudity at all, just might me a bit embarrising for me).

Hope this helps to improve program. Please tell me if you can reproduce 1. problem. Thanks.

We're hoping to put out an Illuminati version later today that should fix both of these crashes, so please try that and report back your findings!

OK tested the illuminati build.

The .exe crash ist gone.
The .jpg crash is not fixed unfortunately.

How to reproduce: backup your Opus settings, set all Opus settings to default, restart Opus to make changes take effect, download , extract the contained JPG to a folder in explorer, open Opus, go to JPG file, set to thumbnail view, and mouse over the thumbnail (i think you may need to mouseover it), Opus should now crash.

I'm using on win7 pro x64.

Please tell me if it does indeed crash on you too (which I suspect)

I can reproduce the jpeg crash. I haven't looked at the file in detail but it appears to have EXIF resolution tags with no values in them, which is causing the problem.

I found another crash which happens very frequently, but not always. It happens when I invoke the context menu (rightclick) on a file (no specific file, maybe also folders) after a specific amount of time (like 5 minutes?). In this situation, after rightclicking DO seems to be working abit and then windows just says program has stopped working (no dopus error message). Can't say anymore now. If anybody has some tips how to pinpoint the problem please let me know. Until then I'll do a checklist and some experimenting of myself. Also hope the jpg crash will be fixed, but i guess that'll be the case.

It'll probably be caused by a bug/conflict with a 3rd party shell extension.

See the FAQs -> Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files