Dargging files to empty tab crashes Dopus 9.1

Able to reproduce it?

BTW, what's the purpose of being able to open empty tabs?!!!!!!!!!!

Aha... was typing a "nope, can't repro'" response, and was about to ask exactly what you were doing when I tried something and it caused the crash...

You need to drag a file (or folder) from either the tree, or one side off a dual pane lister into the actual file display area of an 'empty tab'... and then we crash. I'll submit a bug report in the morning... Falling asleep at the wheel.

What about my second question, maybe I overlooked an advantage?

I don't think empty tabs are very useful, but some people may like to open a tab and then navigate it to somewhere separately (just because that's what they're used to), without it showing some other folder first.

I guess it's like setting the home page in your web browser to about:blank.

I never use empty tabs myself. All of the buttons I have which can create new tabs will always create non-empty ones (usually a copy of the current tab).

For myself... no, I can't say I get any gratification out of seeing a pristinely white and empty file display.

Not sure how it's beneficial other than for people who have every folder on their computer take a long time to 'load' because every dir has 100,000 files in them; and if such ppl exist they should be slapped with a broken light bulb and be told to be friendlier to their file manager...

v9.1.0.1 here and no fix yet!

Couldn't you just stop doing it? :slight_smile:

LOL :laughing:
It's the fault of your manual :stuck_out_tongue: . I've been trying so far to figure out how to open a folder in this empty stupid tab :imp: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

If you don't like Empty tabs don't open them. :slight_smile:

Brilliant idea nudel :slight_smile: . Only if we could convince other users to avoid using buggy features, then DOpus would be bug-free :wink:

You have to admit it does seem like you're going out of your way to get it to crash :slight_smile:

This will be fixed in the next version.