Data rate column just weird

I can't make head or tails of the DATA rate column in my lister. I must be misinterpreting it or don't have something set up quite right.

The fps, bitrate (audio channel throughput), codec (V&A) and dimension columns are perfect. Those are intuitive and handy additions to DO.

What exactly is the data rate? I conclude that it is supposed to be the sum of the throughputs of the audio stream(s) and video. IF that is the case then why is mine so funky? I mean not even close to the actual.... :frowning:

For WMV files the Data Rate column seems to show the video bitrate (as reported by Media Player Classic) and the Bitrate column seems to show the total bitrate of the file (a value that is slightly more than the video and audio bitrates added together).

For AVI files, though, the Bitrate column shows the audio bitrate (as reported by MPC) and I have no idea what the Data Rate column shows. I just found one AVI file with PCM stereo audio where Bitrate only shows half the bitrate as well, as if it's only counting one of the two channels.

I'm not sure where the values are coming from so I guess it could be different codecs reporting stats in different ways, but MPC seems able to work it out. I've reported it to GPSoftware so they can take a look.

Thanks for the report. I am sure that this is not the first look at this issue. While it is often a pandoras box with regards to DS and VFW codecs, This is certainly no show stopper for me (leave not cbr and vbr to the mix). In any respect, I concede. While I would like this to be a little more intuitive, I can get along just fine. Thank you for you prompt reply. I am glad to see that I am not imagining things. I have to say that is the first time you have left me feeling like a firecracker with a wet fuse Leo! lol...where's that dazzling bang?

...all jokes aside, I really appreciate your attentiveness to everyone. I have learned many things from you.

to the dev bunch, Ahhemmm. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the WM fix. Wish the other containers worked as well. Here's a link to and open source .DLL for Media Info. Currently the de-facto tool for discerning stream information. Perhaps the source would be worth a look or DLL could operate as a plugin. It is well documented.

There are several varieties: GUI, CLI and DLL. The main project page is:

MediaInfo looks useful. I've added it to my (quite long :slight_smile:) list of things to look at.