Date of file on ftp incorrect

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I encounter a curious issue here: When I open a ftp-connection with directory Opus I get a wrong year reported back in directory listings. Files from 2020 are shown with the correct date and time, but with the year 2000 (for files of 2021 it is the year 2001). When opened with filezilla the year is displayed correctly (see screenshots).

Any ideas what causes this and how to fix it? Thx in advance.


What is the FTP server at the other end?

Is it one we can connect to? If not, could you connect to it using a command-line FTP client and see what how it reports dates when you list a directory with that?

We're dealing with an IBM iSeries here. It is not possible to connect to our system here, but there is a public system available where you can sign up for a free account for testing on

The output from the windows command line ftp displays the correct year at least:
xxxxxx 49152 14.01.21 16:44:18 *DIR xxxxxx/
xxxxxx 65536 13.01.21 16:15:02 *DIR xxxxxx/
xxxxxx 1522 22.12.20 12:50:39 *STMF 646377.DDS
xxxxxx 25148 22.12.20 12:50:39 *STMF 646377.CSV
xxxxxx 8192 13.01.21 12:43:35 *DIR xxxxxx/
xxxxxx 8192 13.01.21 15:14:06 *DIR xxxxxx/

That server seems to work OK for me:

But it seems to report dates in a different format to your server, at least when using the LIST command:

--> LIST
125 List started.
-rwx--x---   1 username     0          98337 Jan 14 16:39 2021-01-14 17-37-16 Clipboard Image.png
-rwx--x---   1 username     0              0 Jan 14 16:40 Filter stuff.txt

Problem solved. This is related to the "Initial list format" parameter in the ftp-settings of the iSeries. In my case the setting "*DFT" had to be changed to "*UNIX" for Directory Opus to get the year right.

To check this setting enter CHGFTPA on the command line and press F4. In the following menu the initial list format is displayed and can be changed.

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