Dated Folder Feature

Hi all,

The 'New Dated Folder' feature is another wonderful feature of Opus.

In order to use it to it's fullest (here at my site) I would like it to conform to the date formats already used extensively.

  1. yyyymmdd@hhmm
  3. yyyymmddhhmm

How can I change the date format of the 'New Dated Folder' feature?
Even if I can only select one of the above, it would be a great help.
Perhaps a .ini hack?
If there is a hack; are the 'seconds' component required?
If there is not a hack; any chance there will be?

p.s. I did search the forum first, but perhaps the keywords are to generic?

If you edit the toolbar (Settings -> Customize Toolbars... see the tutorials section if you need more help getting started) then you'll see the button runs this:

CreateFolder NAME="{date|yyyy-MM-dd} {time|HH-mm-ss}"

You can change the date/time format there pretty easily.

-> Codes for data and time

You are the man! :thumbsup:

Solution is even better than I had hoped for.

I copied the existing button, pasted it back in with a new name, and applied the following

CreateFolder NAME="{date|yyyy.MM.dd}@{time|}"

Perfect !!!