Dates - created, modified, taken - confused!

I have found various posts about EXIFF dates on different sites but I am still somewhat confused. Even if I alter the headings on a panel to show (Date) Modified, Created, Accessed - the only ones I think available in Opus - I get a set of dates which don't really make sense to me.

So what do I want?

I have thousands of photos. Some, in the process of re-filing or just rotating from portrait to landscape of vice versa, now have a created date which is the date I moved or rotated the file. Originally the created date was the date I took the photo. The program I used in most cases to do this is a very old image viewer called Firehand Ember. I haven't really found anything better in 15 years so I still use it.

Windows Explorer or File Explorer as Windows 10 calls it, gives the option of all sort of date fields. Opus seems more restricted. But none give me what I am looking for - when was that photo taken? Not moved, copied, viewed, edited, or whatever. Just when did I point it at the view and clicked the shutter button. It seems as if any manipulation of the image results in the loss of that basic bit of information.

Can Opus help? Thanks.

Opus has the same columns, you're probably just looking in the wrong category.

Have a look in the Picture category, where there are Date Taken and Date Digitized fields. One of those may be what you are looking for, depending on what your camera and other software have written into the EXIF date fields.

(If you're using quite an old version of Opus, the Date Taken field may be called Shooting Time instead.)

Many thanks. That clarifies things.
(Using latest version).