Default arguments for Filter box

I can't seem to default different args for the Filter box other than "realtime". Is it possible that some other settings in the default lister might override these? The reason I ask is that I set a default for "file", but when I close DO and relaunch, it's still set to files and folders.

I currently have "realtime files" in the arguments box. Is there a need to use a comma, semicolon?

What's odd is that when I first launch DO, I'll see the files icon for a split second but it gets replaced with the files and folders icon.

You need to use commas, e.g. files,realtime,nopartial

The different arguments should be listed in the 8.2 changes PDF.

It's not working on Even the single restriction FILES isn't working. I'll have to log a bug report.

Strange. It works for me, although I configured it a long time ago:

I have the same thing. Realtime is set, No Partial is set, but the files always comes up as Files and Folders. oddd.

Nudel's method works fine for me too nate. Since you're not using the current version of Opus I went back and looked at the changes made in the latest release to see if there was anything related to the Fast Filter field but didn't see any.

Ahhhh... a subtle way to suggest trying the current release just the same John :slight_smile:. Try it out nate?

I just installed and am having the same problem.

Try pasting my Filter onto your toolbar while in Customize mode:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button display="icon" effect="gray" field_type="filter" hotkey="ctrl+Q" size="100"> <guid>{12FD6028-9E7C-46A1-8D40-E6ADA35B6081}</guid> <label>Filter</label> <tip>Directly enter a wildcard pattern to show files in the current Lister</tip> <template>files,realtime,nopartial</template> <function type="normal"> <instruction>Set FILTER</instruction> </function> </button>

(Copy all the XML to your clipboard, enter Customize mode, right-click an empty space on your toolbar and select Paste.)

That works. Thanks.