Default column layout for flat view, can it be changed?

Hi, I've noticed flat mode automatically resets the column layout of the lister to the default name, size, type... set of columns. I've tried customizing either by saving my chosen layout via 'folder options' or saving it with lister layouts but it doesnt work, it keeps resetting to the default layout. Is there anywhere I could modify this default column layout for flat view?


in Preferences/Folders - Folder Formats you have Default Formats section which one have Flatview format. Try to configure columns for this Flatview format.

Awesome... I cant believe I didnt see it, I did look there :slight_smile:
Im extremely satisfied with this program, thanks.


I'm having this same issue, except when I edit flatview columns the changes aren't visible when I close/open DOpus. I'm using single view mode.

Never mind, I found the problem.