Default Config Files?

Any chance on producing some default config files for people who don't want to spend hours tweaking Dopus. In particular this one in the screenshot is what people are asking for:

Where are people asking for it?

Which bit are they having trouble re-creating?

The status bar codes are already on the site and, apart from my choice of toolbar buttons, the only non-standard thing I think is the tiles mode configuration. I can post that if people want it, but it's easy enough to copy by configuring it by hand (you can use the eyedropper to match the gradient colours).

I've always figured that entire configs are probably too customised to an individual user (me in this case) to be useful to many on their own, while providing the pieces like toolbars, buttons and status bar codes (or explaining how to configure things) is more useful as people can pick the individual parts they want to integrate into their personal configurations.

Maybe a few configs wouldn't hurt, though, so that people can try out Opus in a few different modes and see some of the different things it can do without having to learn the whole program first.