Default context menu colors

I've been experimenting with changing my windows 7 visual style to a darker theme and most of the context menus in directory opus are too difficult to read. I know how to change each item in the context menus individually by going into Customize > Context Menus, but customizing every item in every context menu one by one is tedious. Is there a single option to change the default context menu colors globally?

Default context menu colors work fine in Windows Explorer:

But here they are when viewed in Directory Opus:

Settings -> Customize -> Toolbars -> Label Color

Sorry Leo, but I'm still lost. I go to Settings -> Customize Toolbars...

but from here I don't see a global option to change Label Color for the context menus. I can click on the listed toolbars and change the label colors, but the toolbar colors are already bright enough for me (as the screenshot above shows). What I'm still having an issue with are the context menus - all the menus that come up when I right click on anything. I can go to the next tab over ("Context Menus"), click the "Show" button to display the menu, then click on each item on the list and change the label color (as I have done with the list item "Back" in this screenshot), but is there a way to change the default label color that will apply to all context menus automatically?

Apologies, I was thinking of toolbar menus. I was obviously a bit sleepy last night. :slight_smile:

Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Other Colors / Standard Toolbar is what I should have said. The Text colour there will affect context menus as well.