Default field for the rename function

[I looked to see if anyone else has requested this but didn't see a thread - if I missed it, apologies.]

In v12, when you hit the Ren button, you would immediately be defaulted to the "New name" field with the current name fully selected. This way you could just start typing the new name.

In v13, you have to select that field, and then highlight the full name. Which is significantly slower and a bit of a hassle.

If there's a way to bring back this default behavior (or if I've missed an option to set it that way, please let me know), I'd appreciate it.


Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: [Behavior] rename_default_focus lets you select between old and new name, although new name is still the default setting (hasn't changed in Opus 13).

Thanks, Jon.

For anyone in the future who might sees this thread, the issue I was running into was it not defaulting to ANY focus - new or old.

Once I knew it was supposed to, I took a closer look and it turns out that "Use preview list to build macros" was checked. That's what was causing the issue - unchecking that fixes the focus issue. When checked, it overrides the focus setting and nothing gets focus.

That doesn't happen here, fwiw.

Jon - try multi-selecting a few files and then hit the Ren button - it's quite repeatable for me. Single file it works fine, but multiple files I get a "Macro builder active" pop-up (which may or may not be the cause).

I can send a video if it would be helpful - don't know how big a deal it is. :slight_smile:

It looks like it happens when this appears: (edit - as you worked out as well)


If you click on it, it won't appear after that, and you can keep macro mode enabled.

Leo - interesting, and I can confirm! I never bothered to click on the "Macro builder active" dialog, not once. Once I did it doesn't repeat.

Ahhh, software. :slight_smile: Thanks for the help.


We've stopped it doing that in the next beta.