Default File Dialog Box for All File Operations

Does Opus have the capability to replace all file functions in Windows? Obviously I use the program in place of Explorer but when saving or opening files in Word or Excel or any other program, I get the Microsoft dialog box. Can I have it default to an Opus dialog box if that is even available? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, JAD

Opus doesn't replace those dialogs. There is no good way to do that, and everything that has tried ended up running into lots of problems and being abandoned, so it's not something we plan to do unless Microsoft add a proper API for doing so in a future version of Windows.

There are some good tools which enhance the standard dialogs instead, some of which will also talk to Opus to e.g. provide quick access to folders which are open in Opus windows/tabs. If you're not happy with the standard dialogs, I'd look into those tools. (Not sure which are best, though, as I don't use them myself.)

Also note that people often only want this so they can add a custom list of folder shortcuts to the dialogs, which you can already do with the standard ones using drag & drop (people often just don't realise it).