Default folder setting

I would like to change the folder that opens when a new tab comes up. Right now, it opens on My Computer which is very annoying since it is a virtual folder so none of the Opus specific commands work. I managed to change this on one system but I can't figure what I did! Thanks!

If the Double-click to open a new tab showing... drop-down in Prefs - Listers - Folder Tabs is set to Current Folder then it'll copy the current folder. Set it to Default Folder to use whatever folder was saved with the default lister (via Settings->Set as Default Lister). Set it to Empty Tab to open empty tabs.

If you are opening new tabs using a toolbar button or hotkey then it's possible they are running a command which overrides the Preferences setting. You can specify any directory you want in such a button/hotkey, e.g.


You can also use CURRENT to open a new tab showing the same as the current one:


Or you can use UP to open a new tab for the parent folder:


Or you can create a button/hotkey which opens all the selected folders in new tabs:

Go NEWTAB=nofocus,findexisting FROMSEL

...and so on...

Is there any way to modify the tab that opens when Windows + E is pressed? I am using your tip on how to make Opus stay in single window mode, so Windows + E opens a new tab (at My Computer).

This one is really handy.

Win + E is hardcoded by Windows to open My Computer.

Win + E is hardcoded by Windows to open My Computer.[/quote]

Yet another reason I so wish DOpus has a linux version. DOpus is the #1 reason I am still on windows. The only other reason is virtually no games are made for linux.

Thanks nudel!