Default lister not opening


I open Opus by right-clicking the start button and choosing 'open windows explorer' (the only options there are Directory Opus Archives, Properties, and Open Windows Explorer). I have Opus set to replace Windows Explorer on everything except libraries, recycle bin and CD drive. Lately Opus is not opening to my default lister but rather to libraries. Under 'Launching Opus' I have it set to open default lister from desktop, taskbar, and startup.

I'm not sure why this used to work but doesn't anymore, I may have changed something that I didn't realize affected this. I've tried resetting the default folder a few times but that hasn't helped. Do I need to set Opus to replace Windows Explorer on everything? Or do I need to open it in a different way?


Did you try to set your lister anew, then saving it as the default lister (-> settings -> lister layouts -> save this lister)?

...actually, Settings->Set As Default Lister.

Yes, I've tried that. I just did it again and it didn't work. I would like to open to my public folder but it only opens to libraries.

Right-clicking the Start button seems to tell the default file manager (whether it's Opus or Explorer) to open the Libraries folder. It's not really anything to do with Opus or your configuration.

There are lots of other ways to open Opus which won't do that.

'doh - just noticed that too. Yeah, doesn't open 'my' default lister either. Nice catch...