Default Lister not remembering toolbars

Hi guys,

I've recently updated my USB version to Opus 11 using my configuration from the full version.

Every time I start Opus, one of my toolbars (SW.Drives) does not appear. I switch it on and select Settings > Set As Default Lister but after fully exiting Opus and restarting, the toolbar does not appear. I'm sure this is all I've done previously on the full version so can't understand why it's not working now.

Have I missed something?



Try right-clicking an empty spot on any of your toolbars, and choose Toolbars -> Set As Default Toolbar Set

Tried that but it still doesn't work. Any other ideas?

Are you loading the default lister when you restart, or something else?

Toolbars can be stored in layouts so if your config opens a layout on startup you might need to re-save it.

Indeed it was the layout that needed saving. Thank you both.