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I have searched around a bit for this, but came up empty. :frowning:

So please, if this topic already has been covered, ignore this post and kindly point me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Is it possible for DOpus to view the contents of an ISO image (cd/dvd image).

I would like to browse to the directory containing my iso files and just "enter" them like if they were a zip file or similar. :sunglasses:

Or atleast be able to view the files content in the viewerpane.

Is this possible to do with Dopus today? :smiley:
Or should I stick this post into the :opusicon: request-for-future-version-thread :opusicon: ?




You could associate opus with daemon tools
try something like :

\daemon.exe -mount 0,{filepath$} to mount iso files


\daemon.exe -unmount 0 to unmount iso

You could also associate iso files with soft like ultraiso with {filepath} parameter to open iso in the program

With so many 'good' ISO image reading apps out there, I doubt we'll see Opus integrate this functionality, but it's worth submitting a feature request. Personally, I've never had any reason to use any program other than Daemon-Tools. Aside from the manual commands that Ghostrider mentioned, it's also pretty easy to hook into the nifty awxDTools shell extension that arniWORX wrote for Daemon-Tools if you go with that program. If you're not aware, it 'mounts' a selected ISO image file as a virtual optical drive letter which you can then browse directly as if it were a real DVD/CD.


I did not know this.
I already use Deamon tools so I will try the approach Ghostrider mentions and I will look into awxDTools.



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