DEL button does not work in Opus 13

Dear All,

I have installed the current version of Opus 13 on my desktop and laptop computers under Windows 11. For some reason, the DEL button on my keyboard does not work inside Opus on neither machine although it works just fine in all other applications.

Please, help.

Best regards,

That can happen if you initially use the default Opus 13 toolbars (which have the Del hotkey attached to the Delete button) and then switch to older custom toolbars (where the Del hotkey was separate/standalone).

The update process should account for this if the custom toolbar was already in use during the 12 -> 13 install, but if it was swapped in afterwards then you'll need to fix the hotkeys on the toolbar.

Easiest way, if you don't want to reset the whole toolbar, is to replace your Delete button with the one from the Customize > Default Toolbars tab.

Thank you, Leo, that worked! Does this mean that it is better to create your custom buttons from scratch for each new major Directory Opus version?

You shouldn’t need to in most cases.