Del doesn't work

Hi there,
If I try to use Del on the keyboard to delete a file, it doesn't work
(Instead it works fine the Delete on the menu that appear after right-click on that file).
Do I have to change some settings in Opus Directory ?
Thank you for your help on this matter.

What do you see under Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys?

The same menu, but with Delete in red (like other entries)

That means you have multiple hotkeys assigned to delete.

Based on what other people have done before, my guess is you have turned the Image Viewer toolbar on in your main lister windows. Turn it off, as it only makes sense in the standalone viewer.

(We're making a change in the next version to make this harder to cause by accident.)

In fact it's on, and grey: how to turn off ?

If it's on, you should still be able to turn it off via Settings > Customize Toolbars. At least, I can from a quick test.

Where are you seeing it grey? Could you post a screenshot?

You should also be able to right-click an empty area on the toolbar itself and select Close to close it.

Once it has been closed via one method or the other, remember to use Settings > Toolbars > Set as Default Toolbar Set to save your current toolbars as the new default, otherwise new windows may continue to use the old ones.

It works: thank you so much!

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