Delay of FTP file change watching


I'm using the auto upload of changing files but there is a large delay of like 5 seconds or more until DOpus realizes there is a change. I searched for a setting but didn't find anything. Or is there maybe a function I can bind to CTRL+S to make it search for changes manually?


The only options for this are the ones under Preferences / File Operations / Options.

When using the "monitor..." modes, there's a small delay since we need to know that the program modifying the file has finished and isn't still working on it. Some programs write the file out, then re-open it to make additional changes, before being complete.

If you use the other option, to check after the editor exits, that should avoid the delay. But that option only works with some editors (generally, ones which only open a single document in each instance of the program).

Thanks for your reply. That makes sense but the problem is that I keep the files open for further editing so the other mode won't work for me.
Would it be possible to disable automatic file watching and trigger it via a custom script?