Delay when using Alt+double-click for Properties

Someone over on DonationCoder mentioned they were getting a delay when they had Alt+double-click set to display the Properties dialog, so I thought I'd see if it happened to me.

I'm using DOpus x64, (it also did it with x86 which is on my flash drive), and it exhibited the same thing on: Win8.1 Pro x86/x64, Win7 HP x64, WHS2011 x64, and XP Pro SP3 x86.

Under Filetypes->All Files and Folders, Event Left double-click + Alt is set to: properties nofromfocus

Left double-click + Alt events have been cleared from other filetypes.

Using a ramdisk as a test directory:

  • Alt+DC on a file opens the Properties dialog immediately.
  • Close the Properties dialog.
  • Alt+DC on another file/folder and it takes almost 10 seconds for the Properties dialog to open.

This behaviour continues unless there is a delay of ~10 seconds between attempts. ie. If you Alt+DC on one file, close the dialog, wait 10 seconds, and then Alt+DC on another file in both cases the Properties dialog will open immediately.

Another example:

  • Open a lister for the ramdisk root and then double-click on a folder to enter it.
  • Alt+DC on a file, Properties dialog opens immediately. Close it.
  • Click on Parent button to go to root folder, then immediately double-click to enter the original folder again. Takes about 10 seconds for the lister to change folder and display the contents. (This delay doesn't occur if you don't use Alt+DC - ie. folder change happens immediately.)

This behaviour also occurs if I use Control + double-click instead.

The Win8.1 Pro computers I tried it on are very new installs, (the x86 version is fresh off the DVD), and the WHS2011 server only has three programs running, (Everything, BTSync, HD Sentinel), apart from those it's a standard unmodified install.

Any ideas as to the likely cause?

Forgot to mention: this is happening on a new installation of DOpus x64 - no modification except for changing the filetype event as above.

Confirmed. Not sure why it's different for double-click vs hotkey yet but we'll take a look.

Just a FYI, this bug still exists using DOpus 12.0.15 beta under Windows 10 (x64 Pro).

This should be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the reminder!