Delete A File Or Folder On Restart

Some years ago, I thought that Directory Opus gave me the option to delete undeletable files or folders on restart, but I can't seem to find out how to do that now?

Can it still be done, or was I dreaming all those years ago?

Might have been a tool like LockHunter or Unlocker.

I think it's only when replacing DLL or EXE files which are in use.

(If it does happen on delete, it'd only be when not using the recycle bin.)

Microsoft's SysInternals provides a command line tool you could use in an Opus button to delete, move or rename any file on reboot:

Doing that is much better than "unlocking" the file, which should always be a last resort. (If a program has a file locked, it's better to close the program then corrupt its view of the file handles it has open. If the program can't be closed, best to schedule the change for reboot.)

Thanks guys.

I still think Directory Opus offered to do it. Maybe it was just a bad dream. :rofl:
@Ixp I have used Unlocker before. It works well. :smiley: