Delete confirmation dialogs are now closed when lister is closed

When queueing a long extraction or move operation, I like to go ahead and select all archives or (soon to be empty) folders for deletion and close the lister. DOpus is always running in the background and I typically have more listers open anyway. In the past, the dialog would always stay open, regardless of the pertinent lister being closed, and I could confirm the dialog later, after the extraction or move operation is done, and not have any other messes to clean up.

Prior to 12.18 (or 12.17 possibly), this worked fine. Now, my delete confirmation dialog disappears when I close the lister. I can't see anything in the changelog to indicate this is intended behavior, and I don't see the use of it if it is.

Is this deliberate? Is there an option to change back to the previous behavior where the lister could be closed with an outstanding deletion confirmation dialog with the latter surviving? This is making my desktop a messier place with listers open simply for the purpose of confirming deletes I've already queued.

Thanks for the report, looks like that behaviour was introduced in 12.17.1. We'll fix it in the next update.

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