Delete doesn't actually delete from NAS device

Found what looks like a bug - and it's very irritating!

I have a Netgear SC101 NAS device (two of them actually), and deleting folders with files in them appears to work (the folder disappears from the list), but if you refresh, it reappears - the delete has not actually done anything!

You have to delete the files first, then delete the empty folder.

This is in v8.2.2.0


This was fixed in Opus Details here.

I just upgraded to, but NAS is still not working when deleting folders. Deleting empty folders works OK, but if there is a file inside, it comes back after a refresh.

Deleting works fine using winxp explorer.

My NAS is an synology DS-106e

help :confused:

Best drop GPSoft a support request so they're aware of the apparent problem.

Also noticed deletion problem with Synology DS 106 (only empty folders deletable, WinExplorer runs).

And there's still no auto actualization if files/folders were changed.

Is there now a fix?