Delete file on next system start - how to?

Hi all,

apologies for this stupid question, but I am looking for this command and I do think that it has once been an option - how can I mark a file/folder to be deleted the next time the computer starts?
I think it is possible with Dopus, but just cannot remember.

Opus will offer to replace files on reboot, under certain conditions. I don't think the same is built-in for deleting files.

But you could make an Opus button which runs Microsoft/SysInternal's MoveFile tool on the selected file(s):

"C:\Path\To\MoveFile.exe" {filepath} ""

I will look into the MoveFile tool solution, thank you.

In the meantime, what are those conditions under which opus will offer this? And is there a way to use it to delete files/folders that are currently open/in use?

It's only when replacing exe or dll files, I think. It won't help with deleting files, in any case.

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