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Delete from Shortcut Bypassing Recycle Bin

I'd like to delete the contents of a folder but not the folder name from a shortcut on the desktop that executes dopusrt.exe.

I want to bypass the recycle bin.

I don't want to have Opus open and I want this to happen as fast as possible.

I have an application that can build up 500,000+ files and it takes awhile to just read the directory. That's why I want to go right into turbo delete mode.


When you say you don't want Opus to be open, do you mean no windows open but still running in the background, or do you mean it is not running at all?

Do you need to use Opus at all for this? If you just want to quickly do a no-recycle-bin delete without Opus being involved, on a fixed folder, then you could use a simple DOS .bat file to do that with the del command.

I know when a program of mine goes down the tubes, it leaves a zillion chunk files in a directory that I just want to clear out.

I just want to click an icon and have them quickly vanish.

I know i can use a .bat file, but i'd like to be in a position where i can skip the recycle bin and add some switches to skip files that are in use.

The DOS del command doesn't use the recycle bin and will delete as much as it can. Using that seems best, if you want something that doesn't need Opus to be running.