Delete in folder tree selects parent folder


when I do delete a folder in the left side folder tree the focus of the tree automatically moves to the parent folder, which causes scrolling in the folder tree if the folder had many subfolders.


...Subfolder 1
... ...Subfolder a
... ...Subfolder b
... ...Subfolder c

When highlighting "subfolder b" and deleting it, DO automatically moves the focus to "Subfolder 1", while I would prefer if focus moved to "subfolder c".

For deleting files there is the option "automatically select next file after file deletion", I would like the same for folders. I do think DO 9 behaved that way ...

Regards - Peter

PS: I love how you guys made pretty much EVERYTHING being configurable - I do not know any other product that allows that much customisation!

I'd also like to have the bahaviour Peweiss describes!

I sent a feature request for this to GPSoftware.


I also had sent a feature request to get back the DO 9 behaviour and received confirmation that they plan to implement this option in an upcoming version.

No info on timeline or version this is going to show up though. I hope it will be soon, because as I have to delete folders frequently this is really annoying to have to scroll around for each new folder to delete.

Regards - Klaus

Hello everybody,
as the change has not been implemented in 10.0.1 yet I wanted to pull up this topic again.

Does anybody know if the "old" behaviour maybe could be implemented with a custom button / skript?

Basically it would have to:
1.) Take note of the currently selected directory
2.) "Remember/store" the directory that is next
3.) Delete the current directoy
4.) Set focus / select the "next" directory

I would guess 1.) and 3.) should be easy to do, but I´m not sure if 2.) and 4.) can be achieved ...

Any inputs on this?

Thanks and best regards -


I can't think of a good way to do 2 & 4, sorry.

Hi Leo,

guess then there is no use for me to try ... if you don´t know ... :slight_smile: .

I´ll keep hoping for this enhancement request being added to an upcoming release ...

Thanks - Pweiss

issue fixed in the latest Beta - great! I´m totally happe with DO again.

Regards - Peweiss