Delete problem with shift delete (slight bug)

Here is the button I am using to delete
Delete REMOVECOLLECTION=auto SHIFT which works as expected, though when using SHIFT the item (normal item, not collection) deleted appears at the top of the undo list and when selected this error appears,
whereas using the normal
Delete SHIFT
the deleted item will not appear at the top of the undo list.

I wasn't able to reproduce that. When I use shift + click with that command, so it deletes without the Recycle Bin, no Undo log entry is created here.

Is the Undo entry definitely being created when you shift + click the button, and not left over from a previous action?

What are you settings under Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files? Here are mine:

seems to be working now, might have misread the top item, undo delete not appearing and trying to undo the rename of a deleted item brings up the same error dialog, sorry.