Delete Protect a Windows folder

I would like to know if there is a way to make Microsoft Windows protect a folder from being deleted. I want to protect a folder that FileMaker (application) uses for its purposes. It needs to be protected because FileMaker seems to use it as a caching area. When files are left inactive, it automatically deletes them. I have no access to the policy for such. I discovered a workaround to one of the recent changes in FileMaker that made a lot of Windows users' FileMaker solutions break (I can give the full explanation if desired). So to be clear, I would like to make this folder I refer to a read-write only in the sense where read-write can happen but delete cannot. If anyone has any ideas, please give them. I am open to any suggestions. As always, I explain that I ask here because Opus users seem to be some of the most knowledgeable when it comes to the Windows operating system and computers in general, for that matter. Thanks :blush:

You can permission the folder and its contents so your account (or the account FileMaker runs under, if it's something different) isn't allowed to delete them.

Of course, that will stop other programs running as the same user from deleting them as well.