Delete, Secure Delete and Network Drives

Directory Opus 12.9 x64
Build 6724
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Build 1803 & all updates

"Preferences/File Operations/Deleting Files" says that "The recycle bin is not supported for some file operations (like deleting files from ..... a network drive) ....".

Why is this the case, when Windows File Explorer does allow this function on a network drive, and I have selected to replace File Explorer with Directory Opus completely?

In "File Delete Options" I have selected "Delete to recycle bin where possible (supports undo)" and in "When not using the recycle bin" I have selected "Use secure wipe" because I sometimes want to delete securely.

It is a bit inconvenient to have to open File Explorer whenever I want to delete to the recycle bin from a network drive.

I realize I'm replying to a 10-month old post, but I find I need this to work as well.

I have a mapped network drive (N:) in which I work. As I do my work, I delete items. Occasionally, I find that a later file (or email) required that I go back and work on a file I'd already processed and deleted, but the conveniently-accessible file is no longer present and I have to go back to an earlier email to save the attachment in order to do the follow-up work.

This is on our list to investigate but we don't have any conclusions yet.

I was wrong. File Explorer does not move files from a mapped network drive to the Recycle Bin. Such a feature is not already available directly in Windows. Apparently, it needs to be enabled via Registry Editing. Since this is a work computer with group policies in place, I can't do that.

In my opinion, this isn't something you need to spend time researching. I know (and agree with) your stance that if File Exploere does it, DOpus should too. Since File Explorer doesn't do this, we users shouldn't expect DOpus to do it.

But, if guy can figure out a way for us to accomplish this, that'd be super-duper terrific! :slight_smile:

Any news about this feature request?
I found that there is a way to enable Recycle Bin for mounted network drives, and this method works fine in Explorer, but doesn't work in Dopus.
I don't use default Explorer since first day in Dopus so I'm struggling with this permanent delete issue. Please, devs, try to implement this.