Deleting a onedrive file not locally via DO force it to be downloaded

Don't change the registry setting if you weren't already using it. It would only make problems more likely.

So your aim is to delete the file completely, from both the local machine and from OneDrive, but when you do that with a file that isn't stored locally it causes it to be downloaded again instead?

(Win10 1903 is still blocked from my machines due to a compatibility issue -- Microsoft don't say what it is -- so I can't try this myself. But Jon has it on his machine so he'll be able to tell you if he sees the same thing.)

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i'm sending you a video in private showing the issue in few minutes (while uploading it on.. Dropbox (ahahah...)

Video sent !


That is exactly the scenario on my OneDrive setup under windows 10 1903. A delete issued from the DELETE KEY seems to cause the file to be brought from OneDrive onto the local PC, from where is is sent to the recycle bin.

I assumed in was a "feature of 1903" but then, it is OneDrive so it is anybody's guess.

I think it's more an issue between DO and onedrive because the issue does not happen in windows explorer itself.

Opus is letting you delete the files to the recycle bin, which is something Explorer doesn't do. If you press Shift+Delete to delete the files directly without going through the recycle bin it won't download them first.

Is there a way to make the Shift+delete "feature" as the defaut one instead of hitting Shift + delete ?

This is an impossible feature for some users.
i just tried to synchronise a folder from my nas to Onedrive using the sync feature "105 files to delete and 235 to copies", and it downloadzs all the 105 files... some of these files are very big .. before deleting them... i hope there is a workaround because it make my use of DO with onedrive kind of useless.

Thanks if it's possible, because i really don't want to use onedrive with windows explorer and despit the lack of batch sync possibitily, i love and use your sync feature over any other third party archive / sync software i tried until today ;).

We'll probably change how this works in the future. For the moment, change the definition of the Delete hotkey to the following:

delete norecycle
delete norecycle
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It seems i did something wrong, because it's not working, can you help and tell me where i did wrong ? maybe the path ? here my onedrive folder is in E:\OneDrive
Add : (just tested by changing the caps and the path and same issue)

A neat solution, thanks Jon.

The 12.15.2 beta has a workaround for this issue.

Jon, Since the last Windows 10 update (happened few days ago), this issue is back. when syncing the files, to delete the ones in the destination tree on the onedrive account, he's downloading the files again.

Is that using the latest Opus beta?

What happens if you delete without using the recycle bin? (Usually shift+delete.)

Hi :slight_smile: yes i'm using the 12.15.3
It's happens on most folders but not all of them. i had two folders which didn't do it (weird).
It seems it's happening only with the Sync Folder feature, actually i deleted files on onedrive using just delete (i get a confirmation windows "do you want to delete this file", i hit "ok", and no download of the file happens.
Maybe an issue with the sync feature ? (love it so much, hope one day it will be possible to add a batch feature !)

I can't reproduce this here in a quick test. Can you show me how you had the sync panel configured?

Hi Jon
after, 8 months i come back to see if there is a solution to this issue who is still happening, unfortunatly you didn't replied since 15th of july, so, since then, i'm "living" with the issue... which is a pure nightmare... lol.

Thanks and hope there is a workaround for it !

It doesn't do it for me so I don't really have any suggestions sorry.

Can you post please the parameters of your onedrive account ? maybe I did something bad there, which could explain the issue ?

They look the same as yours.