Deleting "Connected" Files

If I delete an .html file in Windows Explorer, all "connected" files and folders are also deleted. I cannot get this to work in DO (v10.5.3.2). Please accept my humble apology if this has been previously addressed but I am unable to find the solution.

Kindest regards,

That's a behaviour of Explorer which Opus (intentionally) doesn't normally emulate.

There's some discussion of it here including some ideas with buttons that can make Opus do similar things.

e.g. You can use this when a *.htm file is selected to automatically select the corresponding *_files directory as well:

@nofilenamequoting @nodeselect Select "{file|noext}_files" EXACT

(Or just use MHT files instead, which combine the HTM and directory into a single file, removing the issue entirely.)

Leo, thank you for your response. At least I now know for sure that this behavior does not exist in Opus.