Deleting empty folders

I have looked in the manual and in Nudel's tutorial, but I can not see anything on deleting empty folders. That does not mean it is not there.

I would like to be able to delete empty subfolders in a particular folder. Can this be donewith DOpus?


Hans L

It works like any other delete, like deleting files or folders or anything. The basic function works like in Windows Explorer. Press Del or select it from the right-click list or press the delete button in the toolbar.

Tip: What I like to do in order to make sure my folders are empty before deleting them: I select them, then middle-click on the folder-like button in the toolbar. This computes the file size. Maybe sort by size if you have several of them. If the size is void or 0 bytes, you can safely delete them (but make sure you don't have 0-byte files in them you still want to keep).

Hello Mark, and thank you for your reply.

Now, I was not clear in saying that I would like to make a button and highlight a particular folder and, when clicking the button, all empty folders in the folder and its subfolders would automatically be deleted.

I would like to be able to modify the command (another button) so that only folders directly under the highlighted folder would be deleted.

Also, in order to make sure that nothing terrible happened, and until I knew for sure that the commands worked, I would like to have a similar button, but this one copying the empty folders to a predetermined "storage" folder somewhere. (I assume that these three commands would be rather similar.)

If you, Jack, or anyone else can point me in the right direction, I will start experimenting.


Hans L

I would use Flat View for this. See my reply in this thread (which also has some other ideas that you might like better):

[Empty Folders)

actually, i think that there are no solution.
for now, DO can not search/find empty folders.
so you can display folders size, sort by size and delete manually empty folders. :wink:

Okay, Nudel and Albator, I understand. I think I'll wait then, or go with a specialized app.

Thank you!

Hans L