Deleting files randomly switches to another window?

Sometimes when I delete files (shift+del so no recycle bin, didn't try if it makes a difference) in DOpus another program pops up, for example the web browser (Opera in my case, with no pages open so it's not causing it) or any other program window that is open at the same time.

I actually had to test this because I thought it was just the Explorer doing it's usual "random error generator" oddities. So I turned off DOpus Explorer replacement mode and started deleting files (from the temp directory..for once a good use for all the crap that accumulates there) in Windows Explorer, the file browser component. No problems, WinExplorer stays in view.

Then I turn on DOpus again and repeat the test. Now the view randomly switches to the web browser. First it took 13 files, then just two, then five and so on so I think it is random.

In any case it is pretty annoying. Latest DOpus, using WinXP SP2.

Seems quite strange! I can't say I've heard of such a thing before. Perhaps some other program is being activated somehow such as an AntiVirus or similar that is pushing the Opus window to the back.

See what you can find. Email me directly if you can get any handle on what you are seeing.


This came up a few months back: ... umpost2815

It happened to me during the beta phase - unfortunately it was completely random and I was never able to find a reproducable sequence which caused it. I don't think it was actually bringing anything to the front, rather Opus was forcing itself to the back of all open windows - a subtle difference but important for troubleshooting though.

However, I have not seen it since a beta or two before the final release of 8.0.

I never found a solution for it, it just stopped happening.

If anyone can find a reproducable sequence which reliably causes it - I'm sure GPSoftware would be interested in an official report.

It's definitely not caused by an Antivirus software or anything like that. I don't run those, I prefer doing a virus check manually every now and then instead of having some resource-hog program running all the time. No other special programs running either. Only happens in DOpus too.

The only way I seem to be able to reproduce it is to delete files. It seems deleting to Recycle Bin doesn't cause it, but using the shift+del method does. If I turn off the "use Recycle Bin" option in preferences the bug also happens. So I suppose it has something to do with deleting files without using Recycle Bin?

OK. It's the small details that help narrow down an issue like this. Strange stuff!

We'll play around and see what we can find!


yes, me too, about every second time I delete a file.

after I hit enter to confirm as per the picture I am back to whatever application I was using before opus.

Great file manager, pity about this.

I am using xp professional, mcaffee, windows firewall, have java, and office 2000 installed. all the latest patches etc.

I will reinstall the operating system when I upgrade to a 400GB hard drive soon and will install opus first so I can see if some other application is affecting it.

Maybe it is because I don't use the recycle bin?

I thought I'd already replied to this but doesn't look like it. Just chipping in to say I used to see this fairly often a very long time ago, but it almost never happens to me now. (Maybe it's happened to me once this year? Maybe not even that though; I'm not sure.)

I've got no idea what causes it or fixes it. :frowning: Just like Tanis experienced, for me it just stopped happening.

Just to throw my 2 cents worth in, and I'm not sure at this point it's related this particular topic, but quite often in the past when I've renamed files on an external keyring (flash) drive, Opus immediately disappears. The files are renamed, but I have to go hunting for Opus.

To be fair to Opus however, I can't say I've noticed this in the last release or two of the program, but on the other hand I haven't had reason to rename files on a keyring drive for awhile either. So it may be a problem that still exists, or perhaps what was happening to me has already been fixed.

I'll do some more follow up testing this weekend.

That's something I haven't heard of happening before. Was it when inline-renaming (F2) or using the rename dialog?

I reactivated the recycle bin.

I have tried deleting about 10 files and the problem did not occur.

So I guess that when using opus it is necessary to always have recycle bin option on.

That seems like a strange trigger but it might make sense. Around the time that I used to see the problem I usually didn't use the recycle bin either. After too many "DOH!" moments where I needed the file I'd just deleted I removed the delete-no-recycle button from my toolbar.