Deletion/Update-problem with NAS (Update)

This was fixed in a DOpus-Version before, but not for all NAS-devices:

Only single files or empty folders can be deleted from NAS-device. Changes on drives have to be updated manually.

I have a "Synology Diskstation DS 106". Any solution for this bug?

See also: [Delete doesn't actually delete from NAS device)

This chart suggests the DS 106 runs Samba. If so it is probably subject to Samba's shortcomings at file change notification.

See FAQ: Changes to folders are not being detected for info on problems related to Samba.

Whether or not the drive runs Samba, if you see changes in Explorer but not in Opus then the FAQ also has some steps that you can follow in order to get debug information that may tell us what's going wrong.

Thanky for answer.

Yes, it's Samba. I'm new to this kind of system (NAS). I can life withiut notification.

Do you have an ideas for the delete-bug?

Not really. It's probably best to contact GPSoft on that one, though it may be difficult for them to reproduce the problem without the same device.

Deleting multiple files/folders on Samba devices works fine in my experience so I don't think Samba is the issue there, unless it's an old version of it (or a new version that I haven't tried). It's worth checking the device manufacturer's site for an updated version of Samba or firmware for the machine.

It may also be worth running Process Monitor while you try to delete some files. ProcMon should report the operations which Opus tries to perform on the device and tell you which fails and why.