Denebu PDF Tools kills Directory Opus Rick Click function

_ offers a couple of freeware pdf tools that works from Window's context menus. They work great in the Explorer/Desktop Environment.

Quick PDF Tools or PDF Properties Changer
---these program allow a person to edit the pdf information properties.

However, they cause the right click function in Opus to seize/not respond. Folder or file, there is no context menu, just a revolving hour glass icon that never stops.

[li]Is there a setting I need alter for this program to work? [/li]
[li]If not-- Is there another plugin tool that does the same job with Opus?[/li][/ul]


I think, Foxit has such a plugin, which works in Opus.

As abr described above, you could try another tool, but you could also try this (FAQ): [Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files)