Descript.ion files and SetAttr DESCRIPTION

Hi ,

I've noticed the recent interest here with descript.ion files,
and I am wondering if anyone can verify a problem I'm experiencing with SetAttr DESCRIPTION .

I can create, to use a very crude approximation,
about 2000 identical description entries of the currently selected files in a lister to a folder's description file,
if a descript.ion file does not yet exist for that folder.
With larger numbers of selected files, SetAttr DESCRIPTION fails and errors.

I can modify a description entry using SetAttr DESCRIPTION, if the descript.ion file has only a few entries, say 100.
However, with a descript.ion file containing 1000 entries, this process fails and errors.

Note that I am definitely experiencing a large difference in the numbers here.
I can create 2000 entries in one shot using SetAttr DESCRIPTION ,
but I can't modify one or more entries in a resultant descript.ion file that contains 1000 entries using SetAttr DESCRIPTION .

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I just now set the descriptions for 1527 mp3 files in a single folder porc. Then I selected them all and changed the descriptions to something else and had no problems except for 3 files which failed to have their descriptions changed. Not sure why they failed during the group rename, because afterwards I was able to change them one at a time.

Thanks alot John !

The difference might be attributed to two different things.

First I'm still running Win98 ( I know I'm in the dark ages here, but a new computer is in the works ).

Second, the files I used are only 834 bytes each.
There are the precursors to my 56 byte 'chessboard' semitransparent gifs in 4096 colors. I tile them in web pages and write text over them.

I know it's a bit ridiculous to discuss such large numbers of description entries, but it would be invaluable to know the correct limit here with everything working properly.

I'm also working on something that at this point needs to know this information.

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