Deselect fade out

Sometimes the buttons or scripts select and immediately deselect the items, and it can happen so quickly that the selection just flashes briefly, so it would be neat if the deselection could quickly fade out (if the item wasn't removed) rather than disappear immediately so you can catch/get the idea of what was selected or on what items the operation was performed. I'd suggest that the fade-out would be a parameter such as Select * DESELECTFADE or something like that.

Buttons and scripts shouldn't normally need to select files, since they have more direct ways to specify which files commands should act on.

Selecting is for the user not for scripts (unless the purpose of the script is to select things, of course).

Things being selected and deselected rapidly as side effects of an automated task will never look good and there are usually better ways to achieve the same goal.

So I'd rather spend time helping people remove the select commands entitely, or adding things to the commands and scripting API if there are any places where something is missing which makes using a select command the only way to achieve a goal. (There definitely will be situations where select is still the best way to do something, but we're happy to add new features to resolve them.)