Desktop double-click after update

The last few updates have had the odd side effect of causing a loss of functionality on the desktop. My prefs are set to launch Dopus with a double click on the desktop, but immediately after an update and relaunch this will not happen. Further, when this occurs, I cannot open any folder on the desktop. Logging out and back in resolves the issue, so it's not a major thing but it is an annoyance. Any advice?


Which versions have you seen this with? (If it was only 12.26 or 12.25.2 then it may make sense, and shouldn't happen for other updates. We had to change the desktop double-click component slightly to work around a bug in Windows 11, although it should't require a reboot in most cases.)

Which version of Windows are you using?

Do you have anything else installed that can change what double-clicks on the desktop do? (Popular examples include Display Fusion and Fences.)

Version info:

Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H1
Installed on ‎11/‎5/‎2020
OS build 19043.1348

Directory Opus Pro 12.26 Build 8006 x64
OS 10.0 (B:19043 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

I want to say it started with 12.24, but that's just a guess; the last two updates were affected for sure. To my knowledge I don't have any other software running that might cause a conflict.

If it started earlier than 12.25.2 then it's likely to be something external to Opus getting in the way of the mouse hook used for desktop double-click. Could be other programs that use similar hooks, or antivirus that doesn't like hooks in general (although that would be strange as it doesn't mind it after the log-out).

I can't think of any other possible causes, at least, where double-clicking folders on the desktop would also be affected. (Unless it's only folders and other desktop files can still be double-clicked, perhaps.)

OK, I just reinstalled the latest version over itself to see if I could replicate the behavior and I was successful. Here is what I see:

No folder on the desktop will open, including the Recycle Bin and This PC.
All files on the desktop not contained in a folder open normally.
The Dopus icon pinned to the taskbar will not launch the app.
The Dopus icon in the system tray will launch the app, but right clicking on the now active taskbar icon and choosing any item from the pop up menu will produce a null result.

Hope this helps.

That sounds like Opus has been set to launch elevated, which should be avoided. See here for why, and how to fix it:

Nope, not elevated, not running UAC—I have software restriction policies in place instead but I don't believe those policies are the issue because when something is blocked I typically get a dialog box saying so. In any case, logging out and back in would not affect that.

Don't spend much time pondering this, the work-around is simple and I can live with it.

Another possibility is that the installer is being run as a different user to the rest of the desktop, maybe. That could result in Opus being launched as a different user and being isolated from other processes on the desktop.

But the way the installer launches the program at the end of the installation has not changed since 12.20 or so, so if the problem stared more recently then I don't know if that would be the cause.

If you use Task Manager's Details tab, you can turn on columns which show some information that may reveal something. These columns (other than Name and Job ID) should all be the same for dopus.exe, dopusrt.exe and explorer.exe. Job ID should be blank for dopusrt.exe and explorer.exe, with the rest the same for all three.

The desktop double-click has also stopped working for me from ver 12.26. I'm on Win 10 Pro x64 21H1. Everything else is working as expected.

Have you checked the suggestions in the thread?

I'm not sure since when, but double clicking desktop doesn't bring Opus up. I can live without it, because Opus is up and running as a startup app and is running all the while.

I don't have any other problem mentioning above. (about not being able to open Desktop files/folders)

Opus 12.26
Windows 11 (latest update)

The only relevant suggestion I saw was to check if any installed program might be interfering with the hook. Not that I'm aware of (definitely nothing new recently). My desktop is quite plain: shows icons, snap is off.

When you look in Task Manager as shown above, is dopusrt.exe running?

Is either of dopusrt.exe or dopus.exe flagged as being elevated?

I'm not sure if you're asking me or the OP, but in case I was the target, it's what I have.

What about the Elevated column?

Mine are also running under my login user name, Elevated:No.

If you right-click both exes and choose Properties, then Details, what are their version numbers?

And does it start working if you disable desktop double-click in preferences, Apply, then enable it and Apply again? If so, another mouse hook is probably installed by something else, and not forwarding events to other hooks properly.

And does it start working if you disable desktop double-click in preferences, Apply, then enable it and Apply again?

Yes it works now. Thank you.

It may go wrong again next time you reboot, in which case there's probably something else installing a mouse hook on the main Desktop window and not forwarding events to other hooks correctly.

(Turning off Opus's hook and then turning it back on again makes it go to the front of the queue, so it sees events before the badly behaved hook does.)

It's also possible something else is legitimately swallowing the double-click event in its hook, e.g. if it is doing the same sort of thing Opus does with desktop double-click. (For example, I think Fences lets you configure a custom desktop double-click action, and it'd make sense for it to swallow the event if that was triggered, else the double-click could trigger two things. But I'd also expect it to forward the event to other hooks if it has been configured not to respond to it.)