Desktop Favourite Doesn't Include All Items


I wanted the Desktop to be one of my Favourites. So I used the Up Level button until I reached the Desktop. I then clicked "Favourites >> Add to Favourites". This of course seemed to work fine but something doesn't seem to be right.

When I use the Up Level button to reach the Desktop, the Desktop contains all items the Desktop should have. BUT, when I click my new Desktop Favourite some of the items will be missing such as:

My Documents
My Computer
My Network Places
Recycle Bin
Internet Explorer

So when I use the Up Level button to reach the Desktop, this is what I see:

When I use the Desktop Favourite, this is what I see:

Any idea why items are missing when using the Favourite?

Thanks ... and if you have a moment ...

OT Question: I think it may be related to Directory Opus... Do you see the Folder with no name in the first pic? I don't know where it came from but it only showed up recently after installing DOpus. When I right click on it I only get these options "Cut | Create Shortcut | Delete" and when I select "Delete" I get this message: "Are you sure you want to delete these icons from your desktop? To restore it later, go to Control Panel". When I try to double-click the folder it just becomes faded and nothing happens. Does this sound like something related to DOpus? I don't want to delete something that's going to mess up my system some how... Thanks again!

If you look at the path shown in your two screenshots you'll see the answer.

In the top one you are viewing the Desktop virtual folder, which is a merged view of your Desktop, the All Users Desktop, and some other icons which don't exist anywhere but get added in when the virtual view is generated.

In the bottom one you are only seeing the Desktop folder within your user profile.

It looks like there's a bug in Opus where when you bookmark the Desktop virtual folder it actually bookmarks the user profile folder. I've reported it to GPSoft.

In the mean time, you can simply edit the bookmark to point to /Desktop to fix it so that it goes to the virtual folder (if that's what you want).

Regarding the empty icon you're seeing, I also get that on my old Windows install. At least in my case I don't think it's Opus because the same icon appears in Explorer. I never bothered to track it down because I almost never view the Desktop virtual folder (prefer to work on the profile dir to avoid all the clutter and because you don't get the full Opus functionality on virtual folders) and the icon also doesn't appear on the actual desktop (i.e. behind all other windows).

Yeah I actually noticed the path after I posted, but I still didn't know what the difference was (virtual folder vs. real folder). I get what your saying now though and I see the prob. Thanks for the solution! (Although maybe I'll follow your lead and not work within the virtual folder. So used to seeing it that way though from Windows Explorer. :slight_smile: )

As for the second problem, glad someone else experienced something similar.. hate being the only one. :smiley: Unfortunately mine does appear on the actual desktop though. I think I will do a quick google to see if there is any other news of this and if there isn't I'll set a restore point and delete it away.

Thanks for all your QUICK help!

By the way, this product rocks!! I've been looking for something like this for YEARS, can't believe I only heard about it a week ago.

You can probably use Microsoft's TweakUI to remove the item from your desktop. Then it'll only appear within Opus/Explorer windows when showing the virtual folder.

Maybe this is what I did and I just forgot. :slight_smile: