Desktop folder, want to open in Single Pane by default

I keep several folders right on my desktop. When I double click I get my default two pane layout (which I don't want to change)

I'd like to double click a desktop folder and get it to open in a single pane.

I tried saving a shortcut to a layout. That works, but now I have TWO icons on the desktop, one for the folder, and one for the layout. Sure I could move the folder off the desktop, but then I'd lose the ability to drag/drop items into the folder (like URLs from the browser).

Is there a way to force a normal desktop folder to open single pane?


When you double-click what? The desktop itself? Or do you mean you want double-clicking some folders to open a dual file display window and other folders to open a single display window?

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you do have lister layout right click menu on desktop if that helps

Maybe I wasn't clear, my apologies.

I actually have real folder(s) residing right on my windows desktop. When I double-click the Icon for the folder, DOPUS opens the folder in the Source pane of a two-pane window (my default layout). The destination pane is whatever was last used in a destination pane.

I simply want the folder to open in a single pane window. And I want ANY folder opened via a double-click to open this way.

I tried creating a desktop shortcut to a specifically created lister layout, that works, but it means a) creating a custom lister layout for each folder b) Having two icons on the desktop for each folder since I can't drag/drop onto the lister shortcut.

Hope this is clearer. Not sure what you mean by "link your account"


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Leo: Thanks, have linked it. I guess I've never noticed that link before.


To get that, save a single-pane window as your default lister (Settings > Set As Default Lister). The Default Lister is what will normally be used to open folders which are double-clicked from outside of Opus.

If you want launching Opus in other ways to open something else, you can save a layout for that and configure the other actions to open that layout, usually via Preferences / Launching Opus and the appropriate section(s) below there for the method(s) you're using.