Details by default, and Thumbnails for folders with media


I know DOpus from my young Amiga days, for several years I use on windows QTTabBar ( still the best in my opinion and for my needs and have tons a lot of more options then all those 80E software),
Anyway, QTTabBar stopped working for me after the last windows update,
so went google again like years ago, seen them all, used them all, ok let's pay for a dual pane viewer then
(doubted between DOpus & XPlorer), well I still like DOpus but for simple double click and go up an folder had to google a bit, then a very annoying thumbnail / list experience, I just want it like explorer, details folders and when I come in a folder with media I want thumbnails, also googled for hover on media and show only the file itself, cant figure it out, also i want to see my local drive names, but I cant figure it out some threads about it but too difficult for me, why there isnt simple option for that is beyong me too, its proberly a great viewer for professionels, wich I dont need after all (and proberly to stupid :), i just need dual pane and fast preview hover on media and explore like passing thru folders, maybe paid for pro for nothing, oh well.

Sorry for my bad English

To get Details everywhere by default, follow this guide:

Then, to make Opus automatically to Thumbnails mode in folders with images (etc.):

  • Turn on Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Enable Folder Content Type detection for... for the folder type(s) you want.
  • Go to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats and turn on and edit the Content Type Formats you're interested in, to make them change to thumbnails mode or whatever you want to happen.
  • See Content Types in the manual for more detail about them.