Developing a script to rename & combine files

A little while ago, I wrote a perl script to take a list of artists & titles, and then rename a list of video files with these names. One of the more tricky things about this program was that it also had to combine the next file in the list to any file that was under a certain size (in which case it was presumed to be an intro for a video, which needed to be prepended to the actual music video). Such intros didn't have a name in the list of titles, so the program had to figure out what title to use if there were separated intros.

I know that directory opus supports all the raw functionality to do this, but I was wondering if there is such a thing as a scripting language within DOpus that one could use to do this kind of a task right from within DOpus. If I could actually create such a script, I could perhaps create a whole new market for Dopus of all the people that work with Music Videos on computers... Any ideas about what the best way to approach this would be?

Rename scripting - there's a forum here dedicated to examples.

You can also call your perl script directly from Opus, passing it the list of selected files.

And I guess the 'best way' to go about this would be to create a Toolbar with predefined commands that call the scripts (all the {F} type button command stuff with handy labels and info tips and what not) and offer that up along with the scripts that do the legwork...

I think I've seen another post on the forums expressing interest in Opus allowing a 'custom' Scripts folder or some such where we could keep copies of batch files, scripts, etc etc... I like the idea (meant to reply to the post) and would then like Opus to always automatically search such a folder as an internal execution path... HOWEVER:

I just realized that if you zip up any CUSTOM folder along with folders that ARE normally handled with Opus' Backup & Restore utility (like Buttons, FileTypes, etc etc) and then rename the resulting zip file to .OCB extension... then when Restoring that file... the custom folder and it's contents are in fact restored to /dopusdata as well!!!!!!!!!!!

F~!@#$%^&* cool!

I know a fair number of Opus users should like that 'side effect'... I'm going to move all my scripts tonight.

So this means that you can write your Toolbar buttons, context menu's or whatever to call your scripts from say a /dopusdata\Scripts folder, and then in a temp folder create a Buttons and Scripts folder, into which you'd copy your toolbars particular .DOP file (please use a unique name though for the toolbar file:-)) and whatever scripts it's buttons execute... and then post this .OCB file to the forums for others to use and it should simply just "work" without customizations and path corrections, etc etc...

It would still be cool if GPsoft were to:

a) support searching a folder such as this internally as an execution path
b) support it properly in the Backup & Restore utility, so we can run the Backup without having to then manually unzip it, add the Scripts folder, rezip, and rename it for 'normal' regular config backup purposes...

Though the last bit could probably be automated to some degree with some button and (ahem) script work...