Dialog Box Will Not Close


Not sure how this happened, but every time I fire up DO, a dialog box pops up that says "Reading contents of sub-folders. Please wait...". This happens regardless of what drive/directory DO is looking at. The dialog box cannot be closed. The cancel button does nothing. If I move the dialog box out of the way, I can use DO as I normally would. But if I minimize DO, the application cannot be restored and Task Manager has to be used to kill DO. How do I get rid of this damn dialog box?


Are any of the file displays (inc. folder tabs) in your lister set to use Flat View mode?

All of the the listers and folders have the flat file view option turned off. However, I do seem to remember that I was using the flat file view shortly before this issue came up.

What's set to happen when you launch Opus?

If it's set to open the Default Lister, try using Settings ->Set As Default Lister to save over the default lister.

If you're using a Layout then try re-saving that layout.

If that doesn't fix it then maybe the best thing to do is create a config backup for us to look at (assuming there's nothing sensitive in your config, e.g. FTP passwords or server details that you don't want anyone to know about). Send the config via a private message if you want to be careful.

Actually, it might be worth backing up your config before you try any of the above, that way if it fixes it we can still look at the config and work out what went wrong.

The current layout is not set as the default lister. I looked around the documentation, but I could not find out how to backup a/the configuration file.

In Opus 9 you can back up your Opus configuration by going to SETTINGS/IMPORT AND EXPORT then following the prompts.

Alas, I'm using Opus 8...

I don't have convenient access to Opus 8 anymore, but it definitely contains a function for importing and exporting configurations. Under Settings, I think, but I don't remember for sure.

In Opus 8 it was called Settings -> Backup and Restore, if I remember correctly.

It appears to me to be Settings -> Backup & Restore in Opus 9.

I think it was Settings -> Import & Export in Opus 8.