Dialog Enhancement

Hello All,
I had used a filemanger called Powerdesk Pro at one time and it had a "dialog helper" that would integrate into all "open file" dialog boxes. What it would do is create two small icons in the titlebar, one for recently accessed files and one for recently accessed folders. Their purpose was to allow you to pick from a list of recently accessed files or folders to open again instead of browsing to search for them again.
This was a very handy feature to have because at work, I am constantly having to drill down several levels on network drives to access folders or files that I use often. All I would have to do with this dialog helper feature would be to click on the icon and select the folder or file again to open.
Is there a way to do this is Opus?
Thanks for any info.

Not quite the same perhaps but still this might be useful:

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Starfish, you can continue to use the PowerDesk dialog helper independent of the PowerDesk file manager -- it's a separate program. The same is true for ExplorerPlus and its dialog helper, since they share the same family tree with PowerDesk.

John Land

Thanks John for your suggestion, I will try it. I didn't realize that I could use the dialog enhancement indepent from the file manager.

Does this require installing the complete PowerDesk package or does the install process allow installing just Dialog Helper?


Hello ggeinec,
The "dialog helper" is bundled and installed with the PowerDesk file manager but as I recall, you needed to turn on the dialog helper application and it would integrate with the Windows "Open" dialog box regardless if you used Windows Explorer, Powerdesk, or whatever. I've used Directory Opus for a while now, and IMHO, it far surpasses any file manager out there.

Thanks, designer. This is what I thought. :slight_smile: