Dialog issue when command is called from a context menu

I have a nagging suspicion that something similar has been reported before but I can't find a match. For me, this is repeatable with the latest beta 12.7.1 and a vanilla configuration.

To recreate, unzip the attached bugtest.js to Script Addins and add a bugtest command to the All files and folders context menu. Select at least two items and then trigger the command from the context menu. A "Fle Function" dialog appears behind the dialog that is displayed by the script. If the same script is fired from an instant >bugtest command, the problem does not occur.

bugtest.zip (1.1 KB)

Use @noprogress in the command to prevent a progress dialog from being shown.

Thanks @jon. Using noprogress as a search term I see that my nagging suspicion was correct and I had raised this before. Hopefully I will do a better job of remembering now but perhaps it would be worth adding something to the help for Dialog and maybe consider adding a noprogress option to the relevant Dialog methods?

Or you could put a post-it note on your monitor :wink: