Did Microsoft break the code for OneDrive again?

Seems so. :angry:

They like to play cat & mouse with GP? However, the verb changed (now it's just "share"), so that the old code that was fixed a time ago doesn't work any longer. Even worse, the link URL has to be copied out of a new dialog window.


If it's the new Share a OneDrive Link menu we're talking about, that's different to the old Share menu.

It started working for me after I opened OneDrive's settings UI. I didn't change any settings so I don't know why that made things start working, other than that OneDrive is poorly written trash these days. :slight_smile:

One Drive has had me tearing my hair out for months, but, strangely enough, recently, it has started working perfectly for me.

I put it down to one of the many recent updates to Windows 10, but who knows, like who knows what will happen with the next Windows update?

That didn't work here (opening the settings). Nothing blocked either. I guess i will have to use it the long way for now. Thanks!