Different column sizes on left and right display

is it possible to have different column sizes/width on the left and right display?

I am using a dual vertical layout (set as default lister and also saved as a personal lister layout)
I'd like to have one of the 2 display to show a wider ''Name'' column size (while some columns would go out of view). Or maybe even have different columns showing on the left or right side.


Assuming you might via the same folder in either side, and thus can't use formats specific to the folders themselves...

To do that, you need to turn on the format lock, highlighted on the right of this screenshot:

That prevents the format changing when you change folders.

Then set each side up how you want them. You may need to turn off the Auto-size columns options in the Folder Options dialog's Display tab.

Finally, save what you have as either the default lister (Settings -> Set As Default Lister) or as a layout (Settings -> Lister Layouts).