Different handling required for removed devices / paths

Hello! o)

I plug in USB thumbdrives or SD-Cards into the card reader a lot..
Now every time I remove the drive or card, DO recognizes the removal and destroys the path I was in on the drive. The file display will "move up" to "This PC" or Computer. When I reconnect the drive, I always have to click through to where I left off.

Is there a solution to this?

I already searched the manual / prefs and read the docs, couldn't find anything related. I would like to have the tab just show a banner, like it's already done for unavailable network drives. This banner tells me "Path not available.." and I can choose to load / reconnect when I want. This is exactly what I whish to be possible for regular drives / paths as well. If pulled out, don't move away, just grey out and wait for the path to come back or wait for user interaction to force "reconnect".

Thank you! o)

Update, I forgot to say:

I tried locking the tab, this won't alter the path anymore on drive removal and I can "F5" reconnect, but DO still opens a new tab with "This PC" on drive removal.. which is annoying of course and also causes unwanted user interaction before you can proceed.

Maybe just don't do the "Go COMPUTER" thing for locked tabs, it does not make sense for locked tabs at all it seems?
I mean why have a new tab opened when the path is suddenly unavailable?

If a path no longer exists, the file display will keep going up a level until it finds a parent that does exist (ending up at This PC or Desktop eventually).

We had complaints in the past about this not always happening. :slight_smile: At the moment there isn't an option for it; it always happens (as long as the device removal notification reaches Opus).

I see that, but why will a new tab be created if the affected tab is locked and its path goes away?
This seems like a malfunction to me, since the new tab is totally useless and very unexpected.
I mean what would you do with it, despite closing it right away because aaarrg.. don't do it! o)

It seems I can use OnBeforeFolderChange() event to stop this from happening..
First test script looked promising! o) Thank god there is scripting! o)

But the problem with the newly opened "This PC" tab remains, if the affected tab is locked.

Well then, I guess, I don't try to lock the tab and just use the script addin to make this work. Prototype attached, anybody use with caution, not tested for production readyness yet.

Thank you! o)

Event.Folder_PreventAutomaticPathChangeForRemovedDrives.js.txt (10.9 KB)