Different icon in different DPI scale

The program's icon, on desktop or in taskbar, is different:
in 1080P, 100% scale, the icon has no spikes.
in 4k, 300%/200% scale, the icon has spikes.
Can we make them consistent?

(btw, the icon without spikes looks better to me.)

Which version of Windows are you using?

At least in Win10, the taskbar doesn't select the spikey icon at 200% scaling for me.

2022-07-29 18-06-15 Clipboard Image

Sorry, I was wrong. Both the taskbar and desktop icon will have spikes when scale is larger than 200%, eg. 225%,250%,300%.
(Usually the desktop icon won't change immediately due to cache)


Here on Surface normal icon appears til 250dpi, then got spikes at 300.

Hi, Leo. Do you think this should be fixed or it is expected behavior?

It's not a bug, it's just how the icon resource is. The largest size has spikes, intentionally.

Using scaling over 200% is incredibly rare as well.

I don't see any issue here, sorry.